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MAD Chaos at the Carlos Household. BOLTS WIN!

Talk about being all over the place. This blog has had posts about Politics (The case for Gordon Bayani) , about Computer Gaming (Word of Warcraft), about Anime (Naruto and Sakura), about Writing (NaNoWriMo) – what next…
WELL… Instead of keeping to the topics I’ve already ranted on, let’s add a new ONE. YEY. Bolts win. But they did it with mediocre running. LaDanian Tomlinson had  but 50 yards on the ground. Rivers didn’t even have 300 yards passing, but some of the passes were spectacular. There’s this tendency of the bolts to go long on third and long – rather than go for a higher percentage pass that’s shorter. For the most part, it works out for them. For Rivers – and I don’t know how much of this is luck, the percentage of 3rd down conversion does not seem to be related to the length of the pass.

Still, the bolts appear to be flying under the most peoples’ radar. Some early odds makers ( and are making them nearly touchdown favorites in the game against the Bengals this week. That’s insane. I don’t really think the bolts have covered well when they’re heavy favorites. They’ll win. But the touchdown seems too much to give up. Especially when the bolts tend to give away late meaningless touchdowns.

In the end, it’s good to note that the Bolts WON without significant injury. That, more than covering the spread is what’s really important. I didn’t notice if Hardwick played – but I’m certain Jamal Williams wishes he could play right now. This team seems like it’s headed for the matchup with Indy.


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