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Wacom Bamboo Open Box from Best buy

Just got a Wacom Bamboo Pen – actually Pat and Jon gave it to me via a laptop bag which I exchanged for the open-box tablet. Installed the driver on windows vista. Installed Corel Painter essentials. And went to a quick tutorial.

First impressions: For some reason, I can’t get the sensitivity that I remember (from a couple of years ago with the Wacom Graphire- I had lost the pen that’s why I opted for this one.)

Hmm… Rica kept saying that perhaps that’s why the previous owner returned it – because it was defective.

I persisted. Opened up Corel Painter Essentials and sketched a realistic Manga female from the Mark Crilley youtube videos ( Major fail. It appears the pen had 2 – perhaps 3 levels of sensitivity rather than the advertised 512. This made it difficult to vary the darkness and/or thickness of the line. Tried a number of different brushes – no go. I don’t think Wacom would release such a product – so I’m gonna go back to the store and wait in line again and get a new wacom tablet this time.

At the dublin store, they also had the Wacom Bamboo Craft for $130 and the Wacom Bamboo Touch for $70. I’d like the Craft since it can handle both touch and pen, but my budget only allows for a Wacom Bamboo Pen for $70. Oh well – so much for my attempt to save $7.

Once I get this, I should be able to render a bunch of quick drawings. One of the first attempts would be a speed painting like Benjamin did on the anime/manga show in france. And he did that on a wacom as well. Not sure of the application though. Then, I need to configure Photoshop (CS3) to recognize the different pressure sensitivity of the Wacom. We shall see. Wish I had a Cintiq like Sacha (

The review shall be continued once I get a model that works as advertised.


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Sakura’s confession rant (Naruto #469)

…Might as well get this out before #470 gets out.

Had to comment on a number of posts:

The gist is: if Kishimoto intended for Hinata to play a major role, he would have started building on her back story. He hasn’t.

Furthermore, the parallels between team 7 and the 3 sannin have been strengthened. No need to draw the connections here. But the failed romance between Jiraiya and Tsunade will probably be brought to closure in Naruto and Sakura. And the implication is Sasuke will die. But as to whether  he die by being subsumed into another being like Orochimaro/Kabuto, or will he end like Annakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi, I would wager that Kishimoto himself does not know.

The adventure remans how Kishimoto would write NaruSaku and make it consistent with the characters he’s painted so far. I, for one, will wait with ‘bated breath.

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