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Sakura’s confession rant (Naruto #469)

…Might as well get this out before #470 gets out.

Had to comment on a number of posts:

The gist is: if Kishimoto intended for Hinata to play a major role, he would have started building on her back story. He hasn’t.

Furthermore, the parallels between team 7 and the 3 sannin have been strengthened. No need to draw the connections here. But the failed romance between Jiraiya and Tsunade will probably be brought to closure in Naruto and Sakura. And the implication is Sasuke will die. But as to whether  he die by being subsumed into another being like Orochimaro/Kabuto, or will he end like Annakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi, I would wager that Kishimoto himself does not know.

The adventure remans how Kishimoto would write NaruSaku and make it consistent with the characters he’s painted so far. I, for one, will wait with ‘bated breath.


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