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Wacom Bamboo Open Box from Best buy

Just got a Wacom Bamboo Pen – actually Pat and Jon gave it to me via a laptop bag which I exchanged for the open-box tablet. Installed the driver on windows vista. Installed Corel Painter essentials. And went to a quick tutorial.

First impressions: For some reason, I can’t get the sensitivity that I remember (from a couple of years ago with the Wacom Graphire- I had lost the pen that’s why I opted for this one.)

Hmm… Rica kept saying that perhaps that’s why the previous owner returned it – because it was defective.

I persisted. Opened up Corel Painter Essentials and sketched a realistic Manga female from the Mark Crilley youtube videos ( Major fail. It appears the pen had 2 – perhaps 3 levels of sensitivity rather than the advertised 512. This made it difficult to vary the darkness and/or thickness of the line. Tried a number of different brushes – no go. I don’t think Wacom would release such a product – so I’m gonna go back to the store and wait in line again and get a new wacom tablet this time.

At the dublin store, they also had the Wacom Bamboo Craft for $130 and the Wacom Bamboo Touch for $70. I’d like the Craft since it can handle both touch and pen, but my budget only allows for a Wacom Bamboo Pen for $70. Oh well – so much for my attempt to save $7.

Once I get this, I should be able to render a bunch of quick drawings. One of the first attempts would be a speed painting like Benjamin did on the anime/manga show in france. And he did that on a wacom as well. Not sure of the application though. Then, I need to configure Photoshop (CS3) to recognize the different pressure sensitivity of the Wacom. We shall see. Wish I had a Cintiq like Sacha (

The review shall be continued once I get a model that works as advertised.


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