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Gordon and Bayani 2010

So. Bayani has finally declared. I applaud him and Richard Gordon for the guts to try to set things right without waiting for the “right” moment.  I know it’s stressful. It’s even stressful for the family (the Carloses) for Bayani just to declare. Yet… the chance to make a difference.

What I see is a team who will make intelligent decisions putting personal gain subject to what’s good for the country. What I see is a team who cares not so much what people think of them now, but how historians will jugdge them decades hence. I see a team who will focus on the greatest good for the greatest people and might thus draw the ire of the elite. I see a team who will support whole heartedly the efforts of Efren Penaflorida without considering for a minute how they might leverage that to their own goals.

There’s a lot of work to be done to mold the Filipino Psyche into one unselfish. To truly guide our country into the path of enlightenment where the common man/woman/child, the masa, thinks not just of himself but of the greater good. I see a team who can INSPIRE.


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